My iPhone 4’s square button started to give up a few months ago… so I decided it was time for a new phone. The button had been slowly degrading for a while and even the trick of closing all the unused apps didn’t seem to be working any longer. And… don’t get me started about the slightly raised plastic camera lens on the back (that was so scratched any photo looked blurry). Arggghhh.

I’d been interested in getting an Android handset for quite some time to see what all the fuss was about and I was waiting for the Samsung S3 to come out. Alas when it was released the S3 didn’t have a 4g chip so I ended up buying a HTC OneXL.

Android vs iOS

My team at work develop a lot of iOS and Android apps (and HTML 5 sites) so I was keen to understand some of the pros/cons of each platform. Below is my experience thus far…

Battery Life
OMG. When I first started using the HTC I was lucky to get half a day out of it. It was awful. I almost stopped using it. Then I came across the JuiceDefender app… and whilst it’s still not great, it’s actually manageable. I suppose having a massive screen and being very light = poor battery life.

I’ve always found iPhones to be awful phones. They drop out. They have terrible sound. The HTC is excellent. Great sound quality. Never drops out.

Bigger not always better? The HTC is MASSIVE. It’s size was one of the things I originally liked but it’s actually not useable in one hand. You need to have two hands to use it, or you end up doing this spider like crawl with one hand to turn it on and use it.

You also can’t run with an easel sized phone taped to your arm… So I’m still using my iPhone with the Nike Running app.

The swipe app for keyboard recognition is truly amazing. I keep finding myself trying to swipe the keyboard on my iPad & iPhone.

Anyway… That’s about it. I now have two phones.

  1. i have similar problems with my iphone4. I got around the home button issue by enabling assistive touch, which gives me a moveable button on the screen. General> accessibility > (physical & motor) – Assistive Touch == On

    • The main problem for me re: the switch to Android was phone drop outs. I used to call it the ‘ghost’… one minute you are there and then the next…?

      The HTC XL is excellent as a phone. Voice quality is brilliant.

      BTW… I think that, in general, iOS is much easier to use but Swipe is a game changer. I continually find myself trying to use Swipe on my iPad. It’s soooo much easier to write.

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