Can open-source professional services work? I’ve been thinking about whether the concepts of peer production and open-source could be implemented within services based industries, such as professional services and business consulting. What would this do to the overall impact of those industries? I quite often see the impact of digital disruption, positive and negative, to the delivery […]

I presented at the RMIT Web Conference today in Melbourne with the somewhat inauspicious title of 2020: The Web’s Apocalyptic Future. I took a fast paced, 2020 view of digital disruption. I highlighted that whilst the word ‘disruption’ generally has a negative connotation, it can also be have a very positive influence. The presentation covered […]

I am quite often asked what are really good digital or emerging technology books to read. Here are the books that I keep pulling off the (virtual) shelf and getting inspiration from (in no particular order). Some of these books have been around since pre-2000 but are still great reads and have more often than not predicted […]

Using Google AdSense to pay for Google AdWords I’m doing a thought experiment. Can I use the revenue from Google AdSense on my site to pay for Search Engine Marketing on Google AdWords? Essentially setting up a self-funding SEM process that will increase the reach of my site. I realise that AdWords and AdSense are […]

I presented Harness Social Media at the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network conference in Melbourne on May 21 2013. You may wonder what Shared Services & Outsourcing have to do with harnessing social media? Well my view is that crowdsourcing is essentially a modern form of outsourcing. If you can align the passions of your […]

I presented a keynote at the Adobe Symposium on Disrupt or be Disrupted in Sydney on the 15th July 2013. “While we grapple with driving excellence in digital marketing, our consumers are already in what we at Deloitte call the Post-Digital world. There are multiple trends that are driving change in the industry and they don’t naturally […]

Hello world… I’m moving my site from being a hosted site onto to a self-hosted WordPress site. This was primarily because the themes available on the SaaS platform were a little lacking plus you also couldn’t use Google Analytics. I’ve selected DreamHost Amazon Web Services as the hosting platform and I’m using the WP-Responsive […]

What are some tips for getting started with eCommerce? How can you just start and get some traction with a digital shopping cart? This article was part of an interview with Russell Emmerson for about Retailers missing out on web hits that was published today. It was based on 6 questions about eCommerce tips. Getting started […]