I found a neat trick the other day to embed YouTube videos into PowerPoint 2010 presentations.
This also works with other FLV videos, such as TED, Vimeo, etc.

I’d been having trouble with using the “Embed code into Video from Website” option as Windows Media Player didn’t seem to like FLV. I’m not really sure why that way wouldn’t work on my computer. So I figured out how to do it a different way by researching quite a few different websites.

1. Find the Video URL.

Find the YouTube video that you want to embed. Copy the URL.

2. Allow Developer access in PowerPoint

In PowerPoint 2010, go to File -> Options ->Customise Ribbon.
Click the checkbox next to Developer. This allows you access to the Developer tools.

3. Add a Shockwave Flash Object.

Under the Developer Ribbon tab, click the More Controls button.
Find the Shockwave Flash Object and click Ok.
Draw out the size & position you want the player.
You can re-size this later.

4. Embed the YouTube movie in PowerPoint.

Select the Shockwave Flash Object and click Properties.
Under the Properties tab, find the Movie attribute.
Paste the URL for the movie into the Movie attribute.

For YouTube, make 2 minor modifications to the URL.

  • Delete the watch?
  • Replace the = with a /

e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60P7717-XOQ
should become http://www.youtube.com/v/60P7717-XOQ

5. View the PowerPoint slideshow

You will need to view the slideshow to double check if the video works. It will appear as an X within the object but when you view the slideshow it should work.
You can resize the Shockwave Flash Player to suit the PowerPoint page as appropriate.

Hope it works for you. This was about the only way that I could find that would work to embed YouTube within PowerPoint 2010.

    • Hi Heath,

      The process will work if you use the old embed code from Vimeo.
      In Vimeo, under Share, click on Advanced and then Use old embed code.

      You’ll need to look through the URL for something that looks like

      Copy that into the Movie field of the SWF player and it will work.

      You’ll have to use the clip_id that relates to the video you want to show.


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