Using Google AdSense to pay for Google AdWords

I’m doing a thought experiment. Can I use the revenue from Google AdSense on my site to pay for Search Engine Marketing on Google AdWords? Essentially setting up a self-funding SEM process that will increase the reach of my site.

Google AdSense

Google AdSenseGoogle AdWords

I realise that AdWords and AdSense are different Google systems that don’t link directly together. I will need to transfer funds from one system to another but that should be pretty easy to do.


Thought Experiment

Here’s what I’m thinking…

1. Setup & configure Google AdSense to display banner ads on my site.

2. Build a float from Google AdSense revenues.

3. Setup & configure Google AdWords.

4. Pay for AdWords campaigns from Google AdSense float by transferring money across.

5. Create a virtuous cycle where AdWords drives traffic to the site who sometimes click on AdSense banner ads.

Well that’s the theory… I’m sure that in practice it might end up quite differently to this. (Nb: Google doesn’t allow what it terms arbitrage, which is driving traffic using AdWords to a site that is primarily just a vehicle for AdSense ads.)


Some interesting articles on this are below.


I’m not aiming to make money out of this, just increase the reach & impact of my blog, and to see if it will work.

As a backup, I’m prepared to inject $50 of cash into AdWords to try and prime things as well.

Fingers crossed. I’ll keep you posted.
If you have any views, I’d be interested in learning how this should / could work.

      • Hi Alex,

        It’s not amazing… but I’ve made about $30 from this experiment. I might need to tune the feedback loop (and/or continue writing better content!)

        Hope you go better than me.


  1. It is interesting that you thought of it and actioned that thought! Some (or one) may have thought of this and then just sat on it.

    With AdSense though I guess it’s more of how many visits your site gets therefore that many people may end up clicking on the ad that would generate revenue (at least enough to pay off your ads) but getting your website popular may need a lot of bragging on social media. Basically, some work. But then again you’re Steve Hallam, I’d like to think it’s a lot easier for you to be more popular than some of us 😉 I reckon this ‘thought experiment’ has potential.

  2. Hi Steve, I’m trying this but I wanted to add a few benefits I see. 1. The actual keyword data from Adwords is valuable because it 2. Informs what to write about and 3. Helps get a proven revenue model that you can use to convince real sponsors and other affiliates. Right now Im down $20 but have been breakeven the past ten days.

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