The Internet of Things in Australia

The Internet of Things is everywhere. Literally… so what are some examples coming from the Land Down Under? What is happening with The Internet of Things in Australia?


I have been compiling a local version of the Deloitte Technology Trends report on Ambient Computing for 2015 and researching examples where Australian companies are adopting and developing IoT products or services.

There are some great examples of how Australian start-ups, organisations and companies are adopting the IoT. Here are a few examples that are worth taking a look at.


Ninja Blocks
“Open-source home automation”Sensors that send information to the Ninja Cloud so that you can do “if that then this” type actions.Ninja Blocks have recently released the Ninja Sphere.
“The light bulb re-invented” LIFX® is a wifi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you can control with your smartphone.
“Farm information and control at your fingertips”Observant provides a fully integrated farm information management platform.
Moore’s Cloud
“Holiday lights” This now seems to be discontinued but was a great, early example of cloud based automation for holiday lights.
City of Melbourne
“Managing the city more effectively”The City of Melbourne is using sensor technology to support the collection of data to effectively manage the city.See


 “Always ON”dZhON provides a comprehensive solution to mobilise field force organisations. The dZhON platform can handle asset management, digitised forms, task allocation, skills management, integration services and analytics.
Free Style Technology
“We take the promise of M2M – the ‘Internet of things’ – and make it a reality”The data you want, from any device (even ‘dumb’ devices thanks to our FME) delivered to you the way you want it.

Have you got other great examples? I’d be interested in finding out.

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