Given how fast paced and diverse the SXSW Interactive conference is – it’s difficult (almost impossible) to write a retrospective blog – especially considering there are 3,000 submitted sessions and it’s only feasible to make it to about 20-30.

I thought it better to just include some snippets.



The SXSW Interactive 2015 snippets

In no particular order…

This is the 22nd year for the SXSW Interactive conference.
The 2015 keynotes were from:Paola Antonelli MoMA

Meerkat is the breakout app of the conference. Broadcasting of video content.
The main takeaway from the conference for me was machine intelligence becomes a reality”.
Martine Rothblatt thinks we will all have mind-clones one day, when our identities transcend physical and digital, that will be able to make decisions for us.
Wolfram Alpha is coding new versions of itself using itself.
Jibo creator @cynthiabreazeal thinks that companionship doesn’t necessarily need to be with a human. For instance think of pets.
Stephen Wolfram @stephen_wolfram thinks that we will never be able to replace code with natural language as it isn’t precise enough for symbols / symbology.
Astro Teller @astroteller thinks that if you’re not making some mistakes, you’re not pushing hard enough.
Our cars sit idle 97% of the time. Uber is trying to improve the efficiency of car asset utilisation.
25% of American’s don’t have an internet connection.
McLaren F1 team are taking their High Performance Teams into other dimensions… health, pharmaceuticals, bobsledding, bike riding. Control systems with feedback loops.
Uber is starting to change city planning laws about parking requirements in San Francisco.
Hugh Herr @hughherr created a robotic fish that was based on flesh, that could swim, and lived for 48 hours.
Hugh Herr has created leg augmentations (BiOM) to replace the legs he lost in a mountain climbing accident.
Bill Gurley @bgurley thinks that we aren’t in a tech valuation bubble but a tech risk bubble.
Larry Lessig @lessig is trying to change the way US elections are run.
Biz Stone @biz “We built Twitter for fun”
Nilofer Merchant @nilofer Big changes start from small things.
David Thodey @dthodey from Telstra got a huge shoutout for his leadership in social media by Charlene Li @charleneli

Finally, Image Think @imagethink captured all of the Keynote and Featured Sessions using their Graphic Facilitation.

What an incredible conference. I’ll go into more detail on some of these sessions in future posts.

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